‚ÄčKate Boulos has been training sportsdog for a lifetime. Her clientele come from all over USA and Canada. Is not unusual to have dogs in her Training Center from different countries in Europe too. Cedar Ridge Setters Sport Dog Taining Center  has complete facilities for boarding your dog. They are grouped by age and disciplines mastered to the point. 

‚ÄčKate and her staff give personal attention to each and everyone of her trainees

Cedar Ridge Setters Sport Dog
‚ÄčTraining Center


Although Cedar Ridge Setters possess an extraordinary amount of natural talent, results such as those seen here are only accomplished through development and training. Kate Boulos brings to you over 35 years experience and has trained countless gun dogs and field trial winners.  
     I offer training for gun dogs, horseback field trial dogs and AKC Hunt Tests.  No heavy handed training methods and very limited use of the shock collar. I am "old school" and never skip the most important elements of training which are yard work and bird work. Proper exposure to birds is a key element to producing a finished and trusted hunting companion you will be proud to own.
 Training rates are $750.00 per month plus birds, medicines and flea/tick preventative.