Tommy Lemay

Archery Hunts
Wild Hogs Hunts

(352) 258-4365

Skinning and quartering of deer or hog --- $40.00

Deer Hunts


Tommy is an experienced archery hunter, who has been guiding hunts for several decades now. An expert both on Deer and Wild Hogs he will put you in the right place at the right time.

Special Wild Hog Hunts with dogs are customized for hunter.

Call Tommy Lemay at
​ (352)258-4365 to ultimate 

        $650.00 per day per hunter. (sunrise to sunset)

Includes transportation in and out of the hunting site.

If guide is needed add $300 to daily rate.


   All bookings require half of the fee as a security deposit. 

*No Trophy Fees: 

*Resident or Non Resident License & Turkey Stamp Required.

CALL FOR DETAILS (352)494-4768

Juan Rivera

Hunting Guide.

Daily Hunts:
$350.00 per day/per gun

 If guide is needed add $300 to daily rate
No Trophy Fee: 

*All hunters must adhere to rules & regulations of FWC. 

Only legal deer can be harvested.

​Wild Hogs Hunts

Still Gun Hunt

from ground blind or tree stand.

Deer:  $350.00 a day (morning and evening hunt)
​Wild Hogs: starts at $150.00

Still Archery Hunts 

from ground blind or tree stand.
​Deer  $350.00 a day (morning and evening hunt.)
​Hogs: starts at $150.00