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European Tower Pheasant Shoot
Image by Hans Veth

$350.00 per hunter
15 to 30 hunters per event - 1 or 2 hunters/station
150 to 300 birds released based on number of hunters
Continental Breakfast 7:30 AM
Mid-morning Snacks and Refreshments
Mediterranean Lunch
Hunting 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon


Our European Pheasant Tower Shoots are one of a kind.This is a long time honored tradition of Kings in Europe.
Our course is challenging and exiting. Fourteen stations around a tower from where the birds are released one or two at a time. Every 10 to 15 birds, hunters rotate stations giving every shooter the chance to shoot every angle of the course
Our tower shoots offer a unique outdoor event for all in the family and is a great
corporate entertainment or fund raiser. 
During the shoot, birds will be collected, cleaned and bag for hunters to take home in equal shares.

Image by Anne Benson

                  WHAT TO BRING
1. 12ga or 20ga  bird Shotgun
          (M and or IM Chokes)
2. No less than 3 boxes of #7.5 or #6 ammo
          (No High brass or Magnum Shells)
3. Proper Upland Hunting Attire (blaze                  orange required by law)
4. Eye and Ear Protection
5. Cooler with ice to take birds with you.


Dates for Pheasant Shoots 2024-2025
October 26th, 2024
December 14th,2023
February 22nd, 2025
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