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Clay Shooting

You have the unique opportunity to hone your gunmanship with either clay shooting or our rifle range. Whether you want to practice leading the target skills or sight your new scope, we can help you with it. 

Rifle Range

We have a beautiful range with benches to practice shooting if you're going out for a hunt or just having fun with your friends. 


                                  Target Practice Guns & Ammo

  • Pheasants and Chukars: 12ga and 20 ga

  • Quails : 20ga and 28 ga.

  • Ammo: 1.onz to 1 1/4 onz.  #7.5 

  •                      Chokes: Modified and Improved Modified                           

  • These are our suggestions

  • but you feel free to

  • use your favorite combinations. 
    We have guns for rent:  1/2 day h

  • 12 ga -- $50.00   20 ga.--$60.00 

  •  28 ga.--$75.00

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